Our thoughts can create our reality – especially our subconscious thoughts. We may be consciously focusing on positive thoughts and outcomes, but somehow end up with quite the opposite! When we have many negative subconscious beliefs and programs, they often trump the positive ones, and we manifest our negative, not our positive, subconscious thoughts and beliefs.

The reason we manifest our negative subconscious thoughts is because the subconscious mind contains 95% of our total mental thought processes.  Our negative subconscious programming often creates relationship, work, health and hardship issues, and makes traumas more intense and difficult to overcome.

As a result of our subconscious negativity, many negative patterns get formed, patterns that seem to run our lives.   Often when there are serious relationship issues between people, both people hold the same or similar negative patterns, and both people would benefit from clearing their subconscious.    Many of our clients have reported positive changes in their lives and relationships after working on clearing their negative subconscious programming.

Clearing your negative subconscious beliefs helps also you to feel spiritually lighter. By clearing your negativity, there is more space for you within, to feel freer and more positive.  This allows you to become who you truly are, without the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying.  We have clients from all walks of life and social strata who seek to clear the negativity in their lives that block them from achieving their goals and dreams.

Our clients include people who want more out of life and often want to connect more with their intuition and “Higher Self.”  We also work with business owners who want to create greater success and a more harmonious business environment, actors and performers who want to create more uplifting and inspiring performances, and property owners who want to create a more peaceful feeling in their homes or businesses.  In addition, we help people who give presentations, or do public speaking, with our “Energy Elevation Process,” to make their presentations or speaking engagements as well received as possible.

In addition to clearing people and animals, we can clear spaces.  This can include businesses, homes, and land. Any event that includes many people coming together to work on important projects can benefit from  business clearings, which help keep the project free of negativity, in order to maximize creativity, harmony and success.  We also provide clearings for actors, who often have difficulty shaking the energy from intense or dark types of roles, so that they can move unencumbered onto their next film or theatre role.  Contact Phyllis to schedule the session that most fits your needs.