Rejuvenizers for Subconcious Clearing Support

Q: Why do I need to get a Personal Rejuvenizer first, if I am just interested in Phyllis’ work?

It’s good that you are interested in Phyllis’ work. She can help people in profound ways to move forward and make significant changes in all aspects of their lives. But you see, if you are really interested in Phyllis’ work, you need to understand that the Rejuvenizer is an important part of her work. That’s why we want you to have it, to have the best of all that Phyllis can do for you.

The Rejuvenizer is a powerful tool to remove many layers of negativity from you and your energy field. By having one prior to the session, Phyllis won’t have to deal with all those layers of negativity, since the Rejuvenizer will have taken care of them. Without you having a Rejuvenizer, Phyllis will have to deal with a whole lot of negative stuff that would have been handled by the Rejuvenizer, and then she won’t be able to focus as much on your personal issues and give you all that you need during the session.

You see, the Rejuvenizer starts the healing and clearing process you need, and then it is easier for Phyllis to address your specific issues during the private session. For example, exposure to electromagnetic fields has been found to create depression, irritability, stress, and immune system problems. By keeping those energies out of your field, Phyllis can better see what’s really going on with you. Your having a Rejuvenizer helps the process tremendously… that’s really why we want you to have one.

We do have a 60-day money-back guarantee. Of course we want you to be happy with the Rejuvenizer… we’re not forcing you to keep it. We just want you to have it prior to the session. We really want you to be happy with it since it means you will be in Phyllis’ lifetime club. She keeps adding new functions to the Rejuvenizer as technology changes, and she does this at no additional charge. She is very committed to helping you as much as possible via the Rejuvenizer, so it is a very beneficial tool, with a lifetime worth of benefits.

Q: What is the Rejuvenizer made of exactly? How does it work? What exactly makes me protected from viruses? Are colors a factor in terms of properties?

Okay, here’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth……

My work is 4-dimensional, not 3rd dimensional. Third dimension is the realm of physicality, the world of things, logic, reason, and science. What I call 4th dimension is the realm of energy and consciousness that underlies the 3rd dimension… actually, the realm from which the 3rd dimension springs. Everything starts in consciousness and “drops” into physical reality. This is why athletes can imagine winning in their consciousness in order to support them winning in 3rd dimensional reality.

As human beings, we’re supposed to be 100% open to both 3rd and 4th dimension, in order to be in our true spiritual power. We are here in a physical body, but we are more than our physical body… we are powerful, spiritual, energetic beings who can use our energy wisely, in order to manifest what we want in the physical universe. When a person is only aware of 3rd dimensional reality, they are missing half of life, and can’t understand how this 3rd dimensional object (the Rejuvenizer) can do all the things that it can do.

So, by opening to the idea of 4th dimension, one can start to better comprehend what is going on. 4th dimension has no boundaries… it is by definition, infinite or eternal. I can “look” at someone in Europe or China and do a read on what’s going on with them. This is because I am not bound by 3rd dimensional restrictions of time and space; it is as if they (and their energy) are “here” with me when I look at them. Conversely, I can work on people when they are far away, and easily “send them energetic support” in order to “clear viruses,” “remove negative energy causing pain or blockages in a physical organ,” etc. Again, I am not bound by time and space, so the person, even though far away, will receive the energetic support I send them instantly. The left brain, in its logic and belief in solely 3rd dimensional reality, cannot comprehend this. However, the right brain, with its intuitive nature and ability to “trust the unseen” can.

Through the gifts of healing I have developed over the past 35 years of intensive work on myself (to develop my full potential and become all that I can be), I am able to do many things (like the “clear viruses” example mentioned before). Thus, I have been able to program the Rejuvenizers to do many of the functions that I could do for people, but would have to intervene constantly, whenever the need arose.   For example, you could call me and I can clear whatever virus or bacteria is making you sick, but you could go back to the same environment the next day and pick up more. I discovered this weeks after learning I could “clear viruses and bacteria,” many years ago.

So, I decided to put this function into the Personal Rejuvenizer… so people wouldn’t have to keep calling me every time they picked up some kind of “bug.” I have added thousands upon thousands of different functions like this over time, all of them based on 35 years of working with people and learning what everyone needs to help them be as healthy as possible, given the condition of life in our high-tech world.

So essentially it works because of the healing gifts I have developed. I am simply programming the Rejuvenizer to do the things I can do for people as a “one-time shot” when they call… but not 24/7. Thus, the Rejuvenizer can work for you all the time, protecting you from EMFs and other damaging frequencies, clearing viruses, etc. (This is just a fraction of what I have it programmed to do.. we have a free 80-minute CD available if you are interested in learning more about it.)

An interesting note: Although I can do all these things for myself, I still wear a Rejuvenizer, because I don’t want to sit around all day fixing my energy field from getting hit by all the high-tech energies in our world. It makes life so much nicer when it’s all handled automatically…. so I can just relax and enjoy being in my body… and not feel all whacked out and scattered-the way I used to feel 18 years ago before I had a Rejuvenizer.

Once I had formulated the concept of the Rejuvenizer, I prayed for a beautiful form to house the technology and discovered “fused dichroic glass.” I then searched the country and found the best artists whom I hired to create the pieces for me. Each piece is individually made, so each one is like a little work of art… and then I encode them with the particular functions to do all the various things that people need. This is a process that took me 35+ years to figure out and the past 18 years to perfect.

In 1988, I was assigned a group of Higher dimensional beings who are now instrumental in helping me with this. With their help, I bring through frequencies from a higher dimension, in order to solve the problems we have created for ourselves in this dimension. Apparently, this is a blessing for our planet that is otherwise not available here, in this dimension. It took me many years of working with these “helpers” to be able to figure out how to do this. It used to take me a long time to add new functions to the Rejuvenizer, as I had to “channel another language” to bring the frequencies through. Now I am able to do it rapidly, at the speed of thought, as I have had many years to perfect the whole process. Because of the hundreds of thousands of healing and protective functions I’ve put into the Rejuvenizers to date, it takes approximately 24 hours to completely encode each piece.

There’s my story. Unusual, I know, but all true.

We have a 60 day money-back guarantee, so that you can have an experience with the Rejuvenizer, rather than just go “on faith” alone. Because we are dealing with very subtle energies, you may not feel the effects of the Rejuvenizer right away, just as you don’t feel the negative electromagnetic frequencies damaging your energy field. However, most people will experience the benefits we mention within the first two months of use.

The various colors are not significant, except you get to choose whatever color appeals to you. Because I am an artist at heart and love beauty, I couldn’t make the decision to limit people to just one or two colors. I loved all the different colors and designs, so I decided to make them all available… so everyone could decide which color and design appealed to them the most. So YOU get to make the choice as to what you like, not me. All Rejuvenizers are equally encoded… the color is not a part of their functioning, just a design element and something for the owner to enjoy.