About Subconscious Clearings

Humans fundamentally operate in two dimensions, the 3rd dimension and the 4th dimension. The 3rd dimension is the realm of the physical, incorporating the entire physical world in which we live. The 4th dimension is the realm of energy and consciousness that underlies our physical existence. The word “meta” used with the word “physical” means, “beyond the physical.”

Phyllis’ work is 4th dimensional: it is energetic and works to help clear negative beliefs from a person’s consciousness. By clearing the negative beliefs that get in the way, a person is better able to manifest these results into physical realm, where specific and concrete improvements can be witnessed. Many clients experience a sense of feeling lighter at deep levels, prior to noticing results in the physical. Because Phyllis’ work is reaches so deeply into the subconscious, many positive changes can be experienced that cannot occur with by using 3rd dimensional healing technologies.