Business and Home Clearings

Phyllis offers customized clearings that address the negative energies within homes or businesses.  Negative energies can be present in your home or work environment as a result of electrical and electronic devices, geopathic stress (detrimental places of radiation present at the points of the Earth’s energy system grid crossings, and also radiation caused by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground cavities and any combination of these), emotional disturbances between people, negative occurrences or accidents, or entities who don’t belong there. These can be cleared, and the energetic frequency of the space can be raised.

Customized Clearings of the collective consciousness of a business are also offered.
Any business is owned and operated by one or more individuals, each of whom bring their own negative issues that arise in dealing with the business on any given day. If a person doesn’t take responsibility for effectively dealing with their own personal issues, that negative energy can easily get transferred into the collective energy of the business. Over time, the consciousness of the business gets badly clogged, so that it can become difficult or even impossible to achieve its goals of creating success, prosperity, and a pleasant working environment for all its employees. Once the business gets clogged, the employees start to get more disgruntled, and the negative energy feeds on itself, making it harder and harder for the business to be successful and life-supporting.

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