Animal Clearings

Like people, animals have subconscious programming that causes them to think, react, and behave in negative ways.  You may have treated your animal as kindly as possible during its entire life, only to be perplexed as to quirky or aberrant behaviors that have no logical explanation. Like people, animals have programing based upon past lifetime experiences.

Common stressors are:

  • Trips to the vet
  • Surgical procedures
  • Other animals in your home
  • Vaccinations
  • Being abandoned
  • An environment where people smoke
  • Threats to survival (for outdoor animals)
  • Exposure to diseased animals
  • Abusive treatment by people, or even other animals
  • Exposure to toxicity in environment (chemicals, cleaners, electromagnetic fields from computers, TVs, microwaves, etc.)
  • Worry or negativity generated by owner  (Often animals will pick up or act out their owner’s negativity, in which case a clearing for the owner may be recommended.)
  • Vacuum cleaners, thunderstorms, or other loud, frightening noises
  • Clearing their subconscious programming that causes them discomfort or unhappiness, or causes them to behave in negative or detrimental ways
  • Repairing any damage to the energy field contributing to their problems (caused by abusive treatment by people, other animals, surgical procedures, or exposure to electromagnetic fields)
  • Helping clear any viruses or bacteria that might be hampering the animal’s physical health

Phyllis’ Animal Clearing and Pet Rejuvenizer can help your pet by releasing any past trauma or negative memories from the animal.

The fee for a an Animal Clearing is $150 for a half hour appointment or $65 for a Full-Session Mini.  Many of our Sessions can be paid for online by going to our Company website at  You will need to call the office at (512) 301-2999 to schedule an appointment.

“A friend of mine found Lucy, a baby tabby cat who had been abandoned and obviously abused. She was starving and in a survival mode. When I brought her home, all she did was hiss at my other cat and us, and she wouldn’t let us pet her. She even refused to use the litter box. I thought of taking her to the Humane Society, but called Phyllis instead. Phyllis recommended a Pet Rejuvenizer and the “automatic” clearing program. She started to get better and use the box after a couple of weeks, but she still hissed. Then one day, a couple of months later, I was reading to my son, and Lucy got up on the bed and let us pet her. It was the first time I had ever heard her purr. We were shocked. Since then, she has become the sweetest cat we have ever had. She loves to sit on our lap and purr, and has become a great companion for our other cat. Thank you so much Phyllis. We love Lucy!”

—M.K, Georgetown, TX