Dental Clearing

A visit to the Dentist can trigger many subconscious, and conscious, issues.  While most of our clients sign up for a Dental Clearing if they are having any dental work done, some of our more sensitive clients will request a Dental Clearing when they go for cleaning.  Even the kindest, most compassionate dentist cannot alleviate the trauma that can often accompany the dental experience.

Common stressors include:

  • Past or current traumas around dental work
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Feeling out of control
  • Needing to keep your mouth open, uncomfortably, for prolonged periods of time
  • Having foreign chemicals injected into you, right next to your brain
  • Drilling and having the Dentist and assistant working in your mouth
  • Periodic, jolting sensations of pain
  • Prolonged feelings of helplessness and discomfort

Phyllis’ Dental Clearing can help you minimize the effects of dental trauma by:

  • Clearing your subconscious programming that causes your fears and other negative feelings to arise:  before, during, and after your dental appointment.
  • Protecting your energy field and keeping it intact, in order to strengthen and protect your physical body at this time.
  • Normalizing any imbalances or disharmonies that occur in the physical or subtle bodies.  This is done on an ongoing basis, after your dental experience, for up to a month, to help restore the body to normal, as much as possible. This includes continuous work with muscles, tendons, and ligaments, meridians, chakras, and any other parts of the physical or subtle bodies that may start to dysfunction as a result of dental trauma.

The fee for a Dental Clearing is $50.  Many of our Sessions can be paid for online by going to our Company website at  You will need to call the office at (512) 301-2999 to schedule an appointment once you know the day of  your Dentist Appointment.

“I finally chose to get all the dental work I needed—two crowns and four fillings—in one sitting, and felt totally stressed out about it. I’ve always experienced lots of pain at the dentist in the past. Phyllis’ Dental Clearing helped tremendously! I started feeling positive, rather than fearful about the appointment, the time passed quickly, I had no pain whatsoever… and only minimal discomfort in the hours that followed. I am truly grateful!”

—K.M., Austin, Texas

“When I did my dental clearing, it was really amazing. When I talked to my dentist about repairing a filling, removing old mercury to put resin in, he said it would be real complex. He would have to make a temporary filling, send it out, and re-install it. After the dental clearing, the dentist went to do the procedure and he had no problems. It was no big deal. Whereas before, it was going to be a very complex procedure with many precautions, since we were dealing with three planes: two sides and a surface. After the procedure, the dentist said, ‘No problem, I did it chair-side.’ Also, the dentist did not remember saying the procedure was going to be complex. I had no repercussions from the anesthetic, it cleared right out. Once I was out of the chair, it was as if I never sat in it.”

—J.D., Forest Hills, Pennsylvania