Full Private In-Person Session

Scheduling an in-person session to clear your negative subconscious beliefs is an excellent way to have talk time with Phyllis and to receive immediate feedback. The Full Private in person provides an opportunity to ask questions that may arise, regarding your situation. Often, clients will do a series of the Full Private in person sessions every three months for a period of time, after which they will switch to sessions which do not require phone time with Phyllis. These types of sessions are more economical.

The Full Private in-person session with Phyllis will address your issues and concerns, which should be concise (1 page or less) and emailed to us 24 hours in advance of your session appointment time. Phyllis will “tune in” for about a half an hour prior to your call. During your in-phone meeting, she will discuss what is going on with your subconscious mind, and what will be cleared for you, as well as provide affirmations for you to replace the negative beliefs that were cleared, with positive beliefs to help you integrate the changes you seek. This session includes a digital recording of the session.

The fee for a Full Private, In-Person Session is $350.  Many of our Sessions can be paid for online by going to our Company website at http://www.lighthealing.com/subconscious-clearing-sessions-menu.aspx.  You will need to call the office at (512) 301-2999 to schedule an appointment.