Full Session Mini

We usually have a waiting list of about three months for people who want to book the Full Private in-person session;  during periods in-between their next session, or in advance of your first Full Private in-person session, you may want to consider doing a Full-Session Mini.

In this session, you will get the maximum amount of clearing, even though you don’t learn specifically what is going on in your subconscious.   Many clients welcome the clearing and healing that accompany this session, and feel that it works very well for their needs.  Some people will do this session every 3 months (as is recommended by Phyllis’ guides) in order to get the ongoing benefits of Phyllis’ work at the lowest cost possible.

The fee for a Full Session Mini is $65.  Many of our Sessions can be paid for online by going to our Company website at http://www.lighthealing.com/subconscious-clearing-sessions-menu.aspx.  You may will need to call the office at (512) 301-2999 to schedule an appointment.

“I’d been on dialysis for about three months, and then I did a full-session mini. Two weeks later, the doctor came over and said, ‘I can’t explain it but your kidney function is going up.’ When you’re on a dialysis machine, the kidney function is supposed to go down until it drops off to nothing!”

—J.B., Lancaster, Pennsylvania