Surgery Clearing

The need for surgery can bring up a lot of issues and fears, both regarding the need for surgery, the surgical procedure and concerns about post-recovery. If you are going to need surgery, you may want to consider Phyllis’ Surgery Clearing. Even the supportive medical staff and kindest, most compassionate doctor cannot alleviate the trauma that can accompany a surgical procedure.

Common stressors are:

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Feeling out of control
  • Fearing the consequences of the surgery
  • Feeling embarrassed about your body being so exposed and vulnerable
  • Not knowing or trusting all the people who are supposed to be taking care of you
  • Feelings of helplessness, discomfort, or possibly pain

Phyllis’ Surgery Clearing can help you minimize the negative energetic effects of surgery by:

  • Clearing your subconscious programming that causes fear and other negative feelings to arise: before, during, and after your surgical procedure.
  • Protecting your energy field and keeping it intact, in order to strengthen and protect your physical body at this time.
  • The energy field sustains “breaks” and other forms of damage during surgery. In addition, you are more susceptible to negative energies entering your field at this time, because you are unconscious and not “in your body.” By protecting you energetically, the Surgery Clearing will strengthen and protect your physical body as much as possible during this time.
  • Normalizing any imbalances or disharmonies that occur in the physical or subtle bodies on an ongoing basis, for up to a month after the surgery;   This helps to restore the body to normal, as much as possible. This includes continuous work with muscles, tendons, and ligaments, meridians, chakras, and any other parts of the physical or subtle bodies that may start to dysfunction as a result of surgical trauma.

Once you set up the date for your surgery, call our office to get your Surgery Clearing.

The fee for the Surgery Clearing is $50.  Many of our Sessions can be paid for online by going to our Company website at  You will need to call the office at (512) 301-2999 to schedule an appointment.

If you are not a regular client, it is recommended that you do follow-up clearing sessions to deal with the deeper, subconscious issues causing your need for such surgery, and for ongoing support in helping heal and restore the body to normal, as much as possible.