Energy Clearings for Film and Theatre productions

Phyllis’ program to help film and theatre productions involves several types of clearings that she does to keep negativity from overtaking a production.

Clearing Negativity
Phyllis can clear any negativity or trauma on the set that is dumped there by any personnel in the entire production, and help anyone (via long-distance “mini-sessions”) to clear their issues so they do not pose an ongoing problem or interruption for the production.  Minisessions can be phoned in or emailed.

The collective negativity within the production company that could unconsciously undermine the company’s success is cleared.  This can occur if the casting is not a good fit, as well as other production staff, or if a script is not to the actor’s liking and their negative subconscious issues come up and are dumped into the production.

Raising the energetic level of the cast and crew
Phyllis can do an Energy Elevation Process on the cast and crew while the shooting is taking place. This helps the actors and crew to be at their absolute best for each and every scene.  This also helps actors to be “in the zone” and “on” relatively quickly, so that scenes do not require a lot of takes. This helps the crew to also be at their best, and be maximally alert and attentive, which helps reduce errors.

Raising the energy level of each set
This is done through Phyllis’ Rejuvenizers, and can help the actors and personnel so that they are not being zapped or weakened by electromagnetic fields from overhead lights, cameras, and the usual detrimental frequencies coming from overhead satellite systems, microwave and cell phone towers, radio and TV transmissions, and wireless internet (WiFi) and 4G Networks.  This provides an environment that feels more peaceful, less irritable, more cooperative and harmonious, less prone to making mistakes, and more able to be focused on getting the job done. By clearing the high-tech stress and negative energy in this way, the production will be a more enjoyable experience for all concerned and production can be smoother.

Energetic clearing from inception to the launch
Phyllis can provide clearing and intuitive work for productions from before a movie goes into production.  As an Intuitive with over 35 years of professional experience, she can provide feedback as to the potential success of a script.  Phyllis’ work for film and movie production involves helping a film to achieve its full potential.  This extends from the process of script selection, casting, creating an energetic environment where actors are relaxed yet focused, as well as “putting out fires” when peoples’ issues interrupt the shoot schedule.  She does this by clearing the negative energy within them, telepathically.  Her clearing programs can change the energy on an entire production to make it uplifting and better received by the public.  Her skill is in helping the producer or director to realize their vision and create the success they want in this endeavor.

Phyllis can intuitively measure the potential success of a movie based on its ability to inspire and be relevant to viewers.   Working on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being at the highest, if she gets a very high number, this relates to the maximum potential that a film can have with no sabotaging energies that can reduce the chance for success.  For example, if she finds that the film has a potential of 8.8 out of 10, then she would be willing to accept the project.  The actual number if the production did not have her energetic intervention and clearing work, might actually drop to 5.3, due to negativity and sabotaging energies left by people involved in the production which would leave energetic clogs in the space where people are trying to create entertainment.

You will need to call the office at (512) 301-2999 to schedule a Clearing for Public Speakers and Performers.  Contact Phyllis for a free evaluation of your film or movie production!