Healing for entertainers

Phyllis Lights’ Energy Elevation Process was created to help performers and anyone who speaks publically so that their speaking performance is inspirational and memorable. The Energy Elevation Process works by both clearing negative energies that can impair the performance and by raising their level of light so they can provide an inspirational performance.

Phyllis is able to clear and release negative mental and emotional energies that can get in the way of effective speaking or acting. This helps performers to be more focused on their performance and less distracted by negative thoughts and feelings that were prevalent in their consciousness prior to the performance. In this process, Phyllis is able to help people let go of fears, worries, anxieties, and anything bothering them or making them feel down. Clearing these energies helps performers so that they can be more present and spontaneous in their artistic role.

Phyllis is also able to raise the frequencies of the performers’ physical and subtle bodies and increase their “Level of Light,” the amount of Higher consciousness, Light, or Spiritual energy they are able to bring through. What this means is that the person starts to function at a higher level, feeling more uplifted, more inspired, more in tune with his or her “Higher Spiritual Self,” which allows the person to give a maximally inspired, uplifting, and soul-stirring performance.

Film and Movie Productions
By being cleared of while also energetically uplifted on an ongoing basis, actors will be enabled to give their best and most inspired possible performance. Without an actor who can move the audience and connect to them, a film can fall short of its’ potential. (Read more about our Theatre and Film Clearings

Theatrical Performances
When actors receive Phyllis’ energetic clearing and uplifting, they become free to give their best performance possible. This allows the actors, audience and production company to have a well-received show, with increased opportunities that their talent and performance will be recognized. This can ultimately translate to financial rewards for the theatre company.

Singers and Voice Professionals
For Singers Cutting Recordings (individually or in group), and voice professionals, receiving the clearing and uplifting Phyllis’ work provides will help them to be as energetically uplifted as possible. This helps them create the best recording possible, which helps their chance at success. For singers, in the recording studio there is no audience to entertain or be energized by. Some singers find that they have a more difficult time reaching the same heights of inspiration and energy that they can achieve in a live performance. Phyllis’ work can help the performer reach his or her maximum capability to be uplifted and inspired, thus helping their recording to be as uplifting and inspirational as possible to music lovers.

You will need to call the office at (512) 301-2999 to schedule a Clearing for Public Speakers and Performers.

Download Phyllis’ Brochure for Entertainers (PDF)

“When Phyllis did her process for me, I never sang better in my life. It was like an angel took over my voice. My voice was so pure and clear. All performers could benefit from Phyllis’ incredible work!”

—D.L. Professional Singer/Vocalist